TM11: Hebrew Bible I

Hebrew Bible 1 and 2 can be taken in any order. This course meets the Hebrew Bible 1 requirement for Wartburg’s TEEM program; meets the Hebrew Bible requirement for Wartburg’s Certificate Programs.

BI003/4 - New Testament Greek

In this module students will focus on writing specific kinds of graduate level papers required in seminary courses. Students will develop the processes for critical analysis, reflection papers, exegetical papers, position papers, and research papers. Grammar and style review will be included in the module. May be required based on review of initial written paper by faculty. 

Instructor: Troy Troftgruben

The Writing Center

The Wartburg Seminary Writing Center is a valuable online resource for all on-campus and distance learning students, and is advantageous for writers of all skill levels.

Instructor: Beth Singleton

Title IX Training

Title IX Training for Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Instructor: Barb Simon